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Project 3: Supporting Work & Caregiving: Diagnosing Readiness to Change

Project timeline: 2017 to 2020

This study will collect qualitative data from Human Resource (HR) experts across Canada, via the Conference Board of Canada, to inform our understanding of the barriers to progressive change in the workplace. It is critical that we examine and understand the systemic, economic and/or cultural barriers that stand in the way of more widespread awareness of CE wellbeing, as this will facilitate uptake of the Standard and associated tools, as written. Dr. Duxbury will use a structured communication technique which relies on a panel of experts (HR experts who are members of the Conference Board of Canada) to collect the data needed to construct a force field diagram describing the forces encouraging and dissuading employers from implementing policies and programs supporting CEs.



Conference Board of Canada

Project Documents


headshot of Dr. Williams

Dr. Allison Williams


Professor, School of Geography and Earth Sciences, McMaster University.



Margaret Stevenson

Post Doctoral Research Assistant

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