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Caregivers in the Workplace Learn More

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety provides tips for employers on how they can help support caregivers in the workplace.

CAREWELL Conversations Podcast Learn More

Professor Allison Williams McMaster University, is joined in conversation by Mr. Brian Doyle, a member of the CAREWELL team and producer of the podcast series. Allison illustrates the topics discussed including, the motivation behind her area of research, the workplace standards for carer friendly workplaces she helped develop and implement in Canada and beyond, and other areas of research she is currently working on.

FREE Caregiving Essentials Program Learn More

McMaster Continuing Education offers a free online self-paced Caregiving Essentials program taught by an experienced caregiver, author, and activist. It provides support and valuable knowledge to improve your overall health and well-being as a caregiver.

Carer-Friendly Workplaces: CCOHS Podcast Episode Learn More

The number of workers in Canada who are also caregivers is on the rise. Nora Spinks, internationally recognized work-family consultant and researcher, shares how to create supportive work environments.

NEW: Quick-Study Guide Access Quick-Study Guide

This fully accessible guide provides a user-friendly approach for workplaces to work towards being more carer-employee inclusive.

NEW: Quick-Study Guide (French) Access Quick-Study Guide

This fully accessible guide provides a user-friendly approach for workplaces to work towards being more carer-employee inclusive (DOCUMENT IN FRENCH).

Carer-Standard and Implementation Guide Access Standard and Guide

A set of guidelines for employers/human resource professionals to best accommodate carer-employees.

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Workplace Poster for Occupational Health & Safety Board Download Poster

A fact sheet about carer-employees and strategies for accommodation at work.

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Educational Brief A Learn More

A business case for creating a human resource strategy that meets the profile of your organization’s employees.


Educational Brief B Learn More

4 easy steps to leverage your current HR practices to create a carer-inclusive culture

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Fostering a Carer Friendly Workplace Learn More

Fostering a Carer Friendly Workplace guide provides information on the prevalence of carers in the workplace, offers strategies to support behavioral and attitudinal change in the workplace and recommends care resources based on the Canadian Standards Associations guidelines.
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Resources for Carers at Work Learn More

This tool informs carers in the workplace of their rights, provides carers with provincial resources, and offers strategies for carers to talk with their surpervisor, manager and/or team leader.

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Tips for Managers helping Carer-employees Learn More

A tool to help managers build a supportive work environment to support carer-employees.

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Quiz for Managers Learn More

A short quiz to test your baseline knowledge on caregiving as an issue in Canada.

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Recognizing Burnout Learn More

This tool provides strategies to recognize burnout in the workplace.


Post-secondary school (business/hr/management) curriculum about carer-employee accommodation.


Curriculum – Table of Contents

This provides a list of the curriculum components, including the two PowerPoint presentations, accompanying lecture notes, reference list, sample assignments and test questions.


Carer-Friendly Workplaces & Policies First Lecture Slide Set (40 Slides)

This slide set provides 40 slides overviewing the definition and importance of carer-friendly workplace policies for the workplace. They are assembled for easy lecture presentation or inclusion course websites. References are included for further reading.


Carer-Friendly Workplaces & Policies Second Lecture Slide Set (15 Slides)

This slide set provides 15 slides overviewing exemplary case studies of employers who have integrated carer-friendly workplace policies. They are assembled for easy lecture presentation or inclusion course websites. References are included for further reading.


Lecture Notes to Accompany First and Second Lecture Slide Sets

These lecture notes provide further detail on the first and second lecture slide sets, as well as a range of references which can be used for in-course lecture or can accompany the slides on the course website.


Test Questions & Course Assignments

These multiple-choice, short and long-answer questions can be used for student testing purposes, being easily be integrated into other testing material. Course assignments are also provided.

Partnership Grant Tools and Resources

CIHR Online Training Modules Learn More

The Canadian Institues for Health Research provides three online training modules for integrating sex & gender in health research

Carer Friendly Factsheet Learn More

This tool covers questions and answers covering a wide range of workplace health and safety topics, from hazards to diseases to ergonomics to workplace promotion.

Tools in Development

Other Tools

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Intervention Study Homepage Access Study Webpage

An intervention study focusing on the relationships between carer employees and employers partnered with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and McMaster University



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Story Map & Interactive App Visit Tool Website

An interactive learning experience about carer Story Map & Interactive App-employees and their mobility.

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